Why W&M by Mark

Why William & Mary? During my college selection process I looked all over the East Coast for the “right fit.” Big or Small? Public or Private? The possibilities were endless. Clearly, the right fit for me turned out to be the College of William & Mary. With 321 years of history and prestige, highly recognized academics, D1 sports, a “public ivy” reputation, and a strong focus on undergraduates, it was the perfect place for me. The list of the advantages was endless, and I loved William & Mary enough to apply early decision. William & Mary was also the perfect size for me. It’s small enough to have a strong sense of community and belonging, yet big enough to constantly meet new people. A liberal arts education is something to be valued! I am so grateful for the chance to expand my academic horizons beyond major requirements for a well-rounded education.

I knew that William and Mary was the right school within the first minutes of being in the admission office. Not only did the curriculum and superb education blow me away, but the diverse yet unified and passionate community of students and staff really solidified my decision. The school was everything that I was looking for. William & Mary has an outlet for everything. This compatibility is what makes this school so unique and honestly the right pick for any admitted student. It’s a place full of learning, life, and enthusiasm; it is complete with both challenges and friendly faces to help push you forward. W&M simultaneously drives you to your limits and greatest achievements, while always providing a comfortable atmosphere and a second home. Choosing William & Mary was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I haven’t looked back since.

– Mark Bland

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