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Must See Spots

William & Mary is known for the physical beauty of its campus as well as the amazing people who are part of the campus

Choose Your Own Adventure

The best thing about being a student at William & Mary is that no day is the same. As one of my friends always

Spring Break by Mark

I decided to take it easy this Spring Break. Most of it was filled with hanging out with my dogs and filling out applications

Happy Charter Day!

Robert Gates ’65 signing his bestselling book Duty, a Wiz Khalifa concert, a speech by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, and an alumni medallion awarded

Lucky ’13

2013, my first complete year at William & Mary. Time really does fly by when you are having fun. 2013 was a busy one

Why W&M by Mark

Why William & Mary? During my college selection process I looked all over the East Coast for the “right fit.” Big or Small? Public