Overheard in Committee: Let’s see those mids!

Overheard in Committee: “Let’s see those mids!”

We admit it! Senior year is an exciting time. With prom right around the corner, spending time with treasured friends, and of course college applications, it can be easy to let grades slide by the wayside. While midterm grades oftentimes come in after your application has been submitted, they are an important part of the application process.

Having been through multiple committee sessions, I can’t tell you how important those senior grades are. Countless times while reviewing an application, someone in committee will exclaim, “Let’s see those midterm grades!”

Really strong performances senior year have propelled some students that were just teetering on the edge to near the top of their class. And unfortunately sometimes less than stellar midterm grades have raised some eyebrows for some otherwise outstanding applicants. In other words, they can really make a difference.

The best thing to do if you find yourself in the latter category is to reach out ahead of time to let us know of any extenuating circumstances that led to those grades. We’d rather hear it straight from you, rather than have to see it for the first time reflected in your transcript. Just like the end of a marathon, it is important to finish off strong.

As we continue to review all the wonderful applications, feel free to send us your questions or things you would like to be featured in a future blog.

Our goal is to take something like the admissions process, which can seem mysterious and sometimes daunting, and show you what is like at the other end. (Hint: it’s us)

Best of wishes everyone, and as my favorite blue-finned fish (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) once said “Just keep swimming.”

Assistant Dean of Admission
Jack Zhang

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