Something you won’t find on our website but you HAVE to know about W&M is that we have crazy and amazing squirrels!

Today, as I was rushing to get to my 10 a.m., I noticed something very interesting on the side of the path that runs through the wooded area in the middle of campus: a squirrel running along with a bagel in its mouth (after seeing that I decided to go to Sadler to grab a bagel for myself)! It’s impossible to walk from one end of campus to the other without almost running over one of these high-speed beasts. I have never seen squirrels like the W&M Squirrels (look them up on Facebook) in my entire life. They are extremely entertaining to watch, especially during acorn season.

Thinking about it, what squirrel wouldn’t want to call this place home?

In order to fully experience the William and Mary campus, it’s crucial to actually be here. The land is absolutely beautiful and unique filled with water and all different kinds of greenery. I remember my first visit and how when I was walking through those wooded pathways around all those squirrels I totally forgot I was walking through a college campus.

There is so much history to this place, such as the Wren Building the other academic buildings surrounding the iconic Sunken Garden. Conversely, the school is always building up new, magnificent structures such as Miller Hall (the business school), Jamestown dorms, and the Integrated Science Center. It’s amazing how even the modern buildings keep the theme of the historic campus alive.

I’m proud to call this place home, along with all those squirrels!

– Justin Fitze

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