I took some time for myself to blog in the bookstore.

As the summer comes to a close….

I took some time for myself to blog in the bookstore. What better way to relax than to indulge in a fresh cookie and  hot chocolate from Starbucks?  Richard said it best on one of his tours.

“If you love William and Mary, it will love you back.”

Before learning about the Admissions opportunity, I had my heart set on a summer in my hometown working in the Media Relations Department of a well known corporation. It seemed like the dream job. Students, you already know what I mean. I’m talking about the internship that you envision completing you, giving you purpose and putting you on the right track toward the career of your choice. BOOM. Right before my eyes, the company decided to discontinue the internship due to the recession. In retrospect, it’s amusing how we feel that we have things all planned out and things are turned upside down.  I have always been a firm believer that things work together and there’s a reason for everything under the sun. I’ll never forget the day I was told that the internship was no more. It was the same day that I stumbled upon a Student Happenings e-mail with a post on the Senior Interviewer position. Being an interviewer and tour guide was my dream job. It met my expectations and then some. I made some lifelong friendships and have taken away so much. I’ve found that learning about the past history and present diversity of the College has been not only enlightening, but an experience that I could not have gotten anywhere else. It hurts to know that the internship has come to a close and all the interns live such busy lives. I trust that we will be able to reunite at least a few times this upcoming semester. Who knows? Maybe we will put together an intramural kickball team! We really rocked it. It is so comforting to know that we’ve made a mark on the future of our campus, our community. It belongs to us and it has served us well.

Currently, I am in training for the Program Advocate position within Residence Life. This year, I’ll be responsible for the Staff Development piece of the position. This means that I will be going to staff meetings, interacting with Area Directors and staffs in order to creatively approach some programming initiatives. Residence Life has thousands of programs each year on campus for residents. I am happy to not only be a support in generating ideas for these programs, but also to be an asset to the Resident Assistants who are seeking to market their Residence Life skills in the workplace! As training rolls around, I’ve become considerably enthusiastic about the year ahead. So much in store! The pep band kicks off on August 31. First up, the WM vs. UVa game. We will be deciding on a mascot very, very soon!  Convocation is right around the corner. I have LOVED all of the 2013 students I’ve met so far! The Michael Jackson party is not too far off. Yoga and Pilates classes will jump start and soon I will be delving into the world of archaeology in the classroom. There’s even this cool rumor that Theatre will be putting on Little Shop of Horrors this fall. What a great time to be a SENIOR! I’m pumped.

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