Who do you like more? Dizzle or the Dean

Another late Sunday night blog comes as I continue in application season, I have had many conversations with colleagues as well as family and friends.  One statement stood out to me- I like Randy the person, but not always Randy the dean.  The reason for the statement is because of the busy life that admission officers often have. The life of an admission office can be extremely busy.  In the fall, we are traveling and recruiting, once the travel season ends, the reading season begins when we are busy reading thousands of applications.  After that season ends, we have programming efforts to yield students we admitted and then the summer is a little bit of a down time, except for the thousands of visitors we encounter.  As I talked about in an earlier blog, my social life right now consists of reading essays, transcripts and making notes about a student’s file, so the people in my life (family, friends, etc) sometimes feel a little neglected and that is where the statement above comes from.  I do enjoy my job, but I am also a people person and I need to be around people, so sometimes finding the balance is difficult.  I am writing this blog the day after Valentine’s Day and I was sure to commit 100% to the day and not pick up a single application and I think she appreciated that.  My family and friends have gotten used to my schedule and understand that I am busy a lot, but I also am sure to make time for those in my life that I feel are important.

Dean Dizzle is therefore a way for me to be both social, but also show a respect for the my job.  You may have days where Dean Tripp is busy, and days where Randy is tired.  Dean Dizzle’s office is open for random chats about ABDC, or any other random TV show, but also available for assistance with a project in the office.  Everyone loves Dean Dizzle even if Randy or Dean Tripp is not available.

– Randy Tripp

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