Welcome Home, Class of 2021

We Admit It! We can’t wait for the members of the Class of 2021 to arrive. Next Friday is Move-In Day for our entering students, marking the first time that the Class of 2021 will officially be able to call Williamsburg their home.

Move-In Day is an exceptionally exciting day, where current William & Mary students, faculty, and staff members all gather around campus to welcome you to our community. You’ll hear music and laughing, you’ll see dancing, high-fiving, and hugging, and you’ll feel the thrill of starting your own college journey, full of endless possibilities and adventures.

Since Move-In Day is only one week away, we figured we’d share a letter written to you, the Class of 2021, by a current member of the Tribe. Eileen Malecki is a member of the Class of 2018, hailing from Chicago, Illinois and double majoring in Neuroscience and Anthropology.

Cross those final days off of your countdown, Class of 2021. August 25 is just around the corner. We can’t wait to welcome you home.

Letter to the Class of 2021

Dear Class of 2021,

Welcome to your new place. I say place, and not home, because this campus may not feel like home yet. But I sure do hope it will soon.

For me, it was moments with the people William & Mary put into my life that changed this place into home. It was sitting on the steps of Blow Hall eating Wawa mac n’ cheese at 2am on a school night with my freshman hall neighbor. It was that time we wandered around the pottery building in the dark because it has an unbeatable view of the stars. It was crawling into a warm dorm bed to watch Pitch Perfect alongside 3 of my best friends after a particularly tough bio exam. It was walking out of the Caf next to 4 other people each with a box of 10 cookies to bring to a tailgate, because we knew that our school’s food strength lies in its unbeatably soft rainbow chip cookies.

So here’s the best advice I know how to give: work hard, but value these moments the most. Classes will end and new ones will begin, but these memories with these people are the stories that will stick. They are what will make this school place into your Tribe Home, so I hope you’ll have them too. Stay up too late just because you’re having great conversations among friends. Go to an event for a group you’ve never heard of just to expand your horizons. Think of a bucket list for the next four years and check off everything on it and then some. Take the time to relax and breath in some nature down by Matoaka. Most of all have fun.

Welcome to the Tribe, we are ecstatic that you’re here!

Eileen Malecki ’18

Office of Undergraduate Admission

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