Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

We Admit It!  We are pretty biased when it comes to William & Mary.  We wouldn’t do what we do if we didn’t think this place was special…make that extraordinary.  But if there’s one campus tradition that demonstrates just how extraordinary this place is, it’s Opening Convocation.  I don’t doubt that other campuses have great openings to the academic year.  I don’t doubt that those celebrations are storied and special.  But Opening Convocation, to us at least, seems even more so.  At its heart, as with all things special to W&M, is the sense of community that pervades the Tribe.  One Tribe.  And this is how we make it theirs.

Tomorrow, on the first day of classes of William & Mary’s 321st year, all new students will gather at the Wren Building to be greeted by the College’s President and by a distinguished alumnus, this year, Emmy-award-winning producer, Nancy Gunn.  Then, to symbolize their entrance into W&M, each new student will process through the Wren Building.  On the other side, the upperclassmen, faculty and staff (including numerous admission deans) will be there to cheer them on, high-five them ‘til our hands hurt and welcome them with enthusiasm and pride until each and every last student has processed.  There is so much spirit and fervor and excitement in that moment (or those 45 minutes that it takes for the procession to unfold), it’s hard to put into words.  But we all feel it, we all embrace it, we all live it.

Nothing reminds us here in the Admission Office why we do our job and why we love doing our job more so than Opening Convocation.  This is William & Mary.  This is our community.  One Tribe.  And now it’s theirs.  Welcome new students.  Welcome to William & Mary’s 321st year.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission

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