Unexpected Circumstances

We admit it!

Sometimes things happen that are outside of our control.

We get it. We have had our Wren Building gutted by fire three times, survived multiple wars and revolutions, and have been hit by several tropical storms over the past 325 years of William & Mary’s existence. But in the case of your applications, we wanted to make sure that we give all students an equal and fair shot of applying, especially when considering extenuating circumstances.

This year has been an exceptional year when it has come to natural disasters and unexpected events that have affected regions across the world. We have everything from Hurricanes Florence and Michael that led to many thousands of families losing power and housing throughout the American Southeast, to storms that have hit the Pacific and Gulf Coast region.

So we want to say: we’re here to help if needed.

  • Our #1 priority is making sure that you and your family are safe. Your application is important to us, but before any of that, we wanted to make sure you had the resources you need.
  • We are flexible and working to accommodate those unexpected circumstances. You will not be penalized for delays caused by those catastrophic events.
  • For those affected by financial hardship or changing circumstances because of these events please reach out to your school counselor for a NACAC fee waiver, which we’re happy to accept.
  • For those interested in applying Early Decision, but may not have the ability to do so right now, know that this year we have Early Decision II and Regular Decision to offer more options to students and families.
  • We want to hear from you at admiss@wm.edu or at (757) 221-4223 so that we can best work with you throughout the process.

At William & Mary, we use the phrase “One Tribe, One Family” to signify that we are a caring community and that we care about each and every one of you. We wanted to extend those feelings of warmth and compassion to each of you as you are going through trying times. You are important and you are valued, and most importantly we hope that you are safe.

From our family to yours,
Jack Zhang
Assistant Dean of Admission


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