The Honor Code Works

The honor code works.  Lest you think the honor code is simply some token phrase that we throw around here at W&M, it isn’t.  A few minutes ago, I ventured next door to the Campus Center to get my afternoon diet coke.  When I walked into the dining area of the marketplace I noticed a table that looked like it was being reserved.  There were a couple of backpacks in the chairs.  But what caught my eye were the four Vera Bradley key chain/id holders and three cell phones sitting on the table.  You know the type of id holder I’m talking about, the one that holds some money, your id, credit card etc.  There was no one around who belonged to them. Their owners had left them on the table to hold their seats.  Now think about it.  In today’s world of identity theft, there was a gold mine sitting on that one table.  Yet no one touched them.  And many passed by without even thinking it was an odd thing to do.  I don’t recommend leaving your id holder which acts like a wallet lying around, but rest assured that at W&M it is more than likely that it will remain undisturbed if you do.

– Betsy Quinzio

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