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Unexpected Circumstances

We admit it! Sometimes things happen that are outside of our control. We get it. We have had our Wren Building gutted by fire

Hello, It IS You We’re Looking For

Did I just title a blog post after a Lionel Richie song? Yup. Did this serve any discernible purpose? Surprisingly, also yup. The Admit

Early Decision Deadline Just 3 Weeks Away

We Admit It! We’re still getting used to the idea that it’s already October. It feels like just last week we were enjoying the summer

Hit the Submit Button, Not the Panic Button

We Admit It! Right now it’s easier to sit in our seats.  While we certainly have a lot of work in front of us

Early Decision is Just Around the Corner

We Admit It! October kind of snuck up on us.  Hard to believe that one month from yesterday is November 1 – the Early Decision

An Early Decision and Spring Transfer Treat — Reminder of the Deadline Extension

We Admit It!  We’re likely all breathing a sigh of relief that tomorrow is just November 1 and not our first application deadline.  Just

Early Decision and Spring Transfer Application Deadlines Extended to Nov. 8

We Admit It!  We’ve been hearing the chatter (both electronic and actual) regarding some of the challenges surrounding submission of the new Common Application. 

Time Out for Transfers — What Happens Next

I Admit It!  It’s been a while between “Time Out for Transfers” dances.  My sincerest apologies.  But that blog series is back – like

The Deadlines Are Coming…A Little Bit Later

Admit It!  You’ve been crossing your fingers for just a few extra days to complete your Early Decision or spring transfer application.  Thanks to