Though We’ve Got to Say Goodbye…for the Summer

Another summer on campus has come and gone.  The Starship Internprise will conclude their daily work in our office.  As we left the kickball field last week and as I bid farewell to my seventh class of Senior Interviewer Interns, I’m reminded just how unique this community of people are.  We are a special people in a special place (to paraphrase Mike Tomlin’s, class of ’95, commencement address).  Just one week ago, these 11 interns were throwing a ball at us and crossing their fingers that they would be the second class of interns to beat the deans.  Just one week ago, the dean of admission, the associate provost for enrollment, and the entire admission staff, converged on the Sunken Garden in 100-degree heat, not just to challenge each other to the great athletic equalizer that is kickball, but also to celebrate each other as a staff.  The interns are now and will forever be an important part of this staff.  And all of this is a metaphor for the greater William & Mary community.  Here students and staff, in-state and out-of-state, young and old can gather to exchange ideas, to exchange laughter, and to form life-long relationships that are the backbone of our collective alma mater.

Today, as I said goodbye to my interns I was reminded of that same sentiment.  Our students are so diverse, creative, engaging and unique.  One second we were laughing together as one intern who believes she’s a world-class sweater reapplied deodorant and the next moment, we were hugging and reminiscing on what has been an incredible opportunity for interns and dean staff alike to get to know each other.  These students are not just colleagues, they are friends.  In the greater W&M community, people aren’t just staff or professors or administrators or students, they are colleagues in life, learning, and the pursuit of happiness.  Cheesy?  Yes.  Truthful?  Absolutely.  These are special people in a special place and that’s a community where in 1999 I decided to spend four years and that four years has turned into 12 and counting.

– Wendy Livingston

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