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Fascinated by the college admission process? Intrigued by how it can seem complicated, mysterious and confusing? Follow this blog for musings, recollections and insights into William & Mary the institution and William & Mary’s admission process.

Some posts will be silly. Some will be serious. Some will be sentimental. All of them are designed to help you navigate your way through the college search and application process. Post questions, comments and insights of your own. Create a dialogue with us through this site, and we look forward to the conversation.

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Help Us Help You

We Admit It! We always feel like this blog covers a lot but know that you all, our readers, have more and more questions

Final Waitlist Update

Admit It! You’re either eager for more waitlist updates or tired of them. There’s usually not a middle ground. We just wanted to post

On-Campus Interviews for Rising High School Seniors

We Admit It!  We get pretty psyched for interview season to begin.  It means each day throughout the summer, when the campus itself is

Freshman Waitlist Update

We Admit It!  Negotiating the waitlist is far from a precise process.  At this point, our incoming freshman class is full but we do

Transfer Waitlist Update

We Admit It!  The waitlist is aptly named.  Applicants wait, we wait, everyone waits for the class to settle.  At this point, we have

Freshman Waitlist Update

We Admit It!  The waitlist process is somewhat of a tricky one.  It’s a process with no absolutes, no set timeline, no predictability.  As

Decisions, Decisions — Fall 2014 Transfer Edition

We Admit It!  Transfers, your time has come.  Decision emails are being sent at this very moment.  The long wait is finally over.  Below

Overheard in Transfer Committee — Preparation for Majors

Admit It! Transfers.  You’ve been patiently waiting for your turn to be in the spotlight.  Well your time has come.  Transfer Committee commenced and

A Personal Argument for William & Mary

We Admit It! We love it when a plan comes together.  With Dean Livingston out on maternity leave while our admitted students look for