Welcome class of 2015! Now lets find that class of 2016…

Well the school year is back in full swing and the class of 2015 has found their home. Now that things have gotten slightly back to normal (and by normal I mean everyone is back to trying to squeeze 50 activities into one day and still have time for food and swem) admission has reopened their doors and begun the search for the class of 2016! High school seniors are venturing onto our beautiful campus to check out everything that William and Mary has to offer. Giving tours has to be one of the best jobs on campus. You not only have a completely captive audience who actually wants to hear all of the random fun facts you know about the school and who will laugh at your ridiculous jokes even when they’re not actually that funny, but you also have an excuse to walk all throughout campus for an hour and a half on a gorgeous day. One of my favorite things to do on tours is grab unsuspecting friends who are just trying to make it to class on time, and have them stop for a minute or two and tell the tour their favorite thing about W&M. I’m pretty sure my friends start mentally preparing themselves to speak whenever they see me approaching the terrace with a tour group, but even if they hate public speaking they always do an amazing job of coming up with coolest things to say. Our student body is so diverse and everyone seems to be involved in at least two or three different extracurriculars, that I’ve never heard the same answer twice and I always end up learning something new about different research programs or club teams that I didn’t even know existed. Basically, the student body here is amazing and I’m unsure as to how anyone could not choose William and Mary after spending a day here!

Brooke Hummel
Class of 2013

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