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Abbrevs. OMG it’s obvi everyone in 2day’s world uses abbrevs. Idk anyone who doesn’t, especially here at WM.

Luckily, William and Mary allows abbrevs to be used in a coherent manner instead of the crazy “idk my bff jill” phone commercial, teeny-bopper way. Before you’re going to be able to make it here at WM (William and Mary-hope you got that one from the start) you’ll need to know your abbrevs. Don’t worry, I’ll give u the dl on abbrevs at WM.

CW- Colonial Williamsburg

The map in the face let me show my freedom pass obnixously everywhere tourist filled old stuff adjacent to campus. (Free for students with id!)

DoG St- Duke of Gloucester Street

Main street in CW (see above) full of horse droppings, shopping, and running. It’s a nice two mile run down and back. Touches ancient campus (area near Wren).

UC- (a) formerly the University Center; now Sadler Center

– (b) dining hall located in the UC

(a) Even though it’s now called the Sadler Center we’ll still call it the UC. Student center on campus beside Zable Stadium. Consists of meeting rooms, dining hall, Lodge 1, mailboxes, and student exchange (ask about that abbrev once you’re here).

(b) Dining hall inside the UC. Home of Miss Phyllis made-to-order omelets during the week and ice cream mountains twice a year.

CSU- college station unit

Student mailboxes located on the bottom floor of the UC creating walls of silver tiny boxes. The most important 4-digit number you will memorize during your next four years. Give your CSU to EVERYONE to get free brownies and goodies.

CC- Campus Center

The second student center located beside the Admission Office. Houses the Dean of Students, Residence Life, and Student Activities offices. Also includes the MarketPlace dining hall with a Chick-a-fila!

ISC- (a) Integrated Science Center

– (b) Inter-Sorority Council

(a) Brand new in Fall 2008 state-of-the-art facility located on new campus. Houses research labs for biology, chemistry, psychology, and neuroscience. Newest abbrev at WM.

(b) Council composed of members from all greek social sororities. Members oversee fall recruitment, service events, and inner-sorority enrichment activities.

UCAB- University Center Activities Board

Student group responsible for campus activities such as concerts, speakers, and events. Tom Milteer, a senior interviewer, is a big-wig in UCAB and helped bring Tim Gunn. UCAB has also brought My Chemical Romance, Ying-Yang Twins, Tracey Morgan, and sponsors Screen on the Green.

Caf- The Commons Dining Hall

Best dining hall on campus located beside the Hall (WM Hall). Brick oven pizza and huge salad bar. Worth the walk.

GER- General Education Requirement

The basic course requirements needed to graduate. Seven areas with tons of classes under each one. Get on these your freshman and sophomore years. GER 4b seems to be the hardest to get-look into it.

OA- Orientation Aide

Some of the coolest people you will meet upon arriving at the College. They are upperclassmen who lead freshmen and transfers around campus to different events throughout Orientation. Carrie Daut and Tom Milteer, two of the summer interviewers, are OAs. Just look for the yellow t-shirt.

OAD- Orientation Area Director

Also one of the coolest people you will meet upon arriving at the College. OADs oversee orientation for different residential areas on campus. Kelley Quinn, one of the summer interviewers, is an OAD. Just look for the yellow collared shirts and walkie-talkies.

RA- Resident Assistant

Again, one of the coolest people you will get to know during your first year at the College. The RA is responsible for your hall in your dormitory. He or she is there for support/party and event planning. Beth Mahalak, one of our summer interviewers, was an RA this past year. Thank them for your cool door tags.

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