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Hi Everyone!

Leo Blumberg-WollConsidering this is my first blog post, I wanted to start off with an introduction and a little bit about my decision to transfer to William & Mary. I was born and raised in Rockville, Maryland and have always been an avid tennis player. Currently, at W&M I am double majoring in Government and Economics. My specific area of interests lies in the Middle East Region. In addition to being a student, I am public relations chair of our consulting club, on a member of the executive council for my affiliated Greek organization, and am a fall admissions intern! Now, I think it best if I take a minute to explain my decision to transfer.

My freshman year, I attended a small liberal arts college playing Division III tennis. Although it was great in some regards, it was a little small for my taste with under 2,500 undergraduates. The town was also quite small so going off campus was not frequent. William & Mary had always been on my list of schools when I was looking, even during high school. Throughout my transfer process, I was looking for a school that was a perfect medium between a smaller liberal arts college and a much larger university.

William & Mary was that perfect medium for me. I didn’t know what I was expecting going into William & Mary as a transfer, but it far exceeded any expectations I had. They did an amazing job with the amount of effort that they put into their transfer orientation process. I was immediately able to get engaged in whatever I wanted on campus. Everyone was so friendly. As I progressed in my classes, I realized how intellectually diverse and engaging the community was here. There were so many positive things to take away, even from the first few weeks here.

I think that transferring is a tough process for a lot of people, I know the idea was to me. However, William & Mary was an unbelievable guide to help me navigate the process and I am so happy that I chose here to do it. Thanks so much and Go Tribe!

-Leo Blumberg-Woll

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