Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors

    About Peer Advisors

    Peer Advisors are student leaders drawn from a variety of academic departments who assist incoming freshmen and transfer students in the registration process before, during and after orientation.

    These students are academic role models. They work under the direction of the Office of Academic Advising to teach new students about academic policies and resources. With the OAA and faculty, they form part of the advising network that supports William & Mary undergraduates.

    Posts by Peer Advisors

    Welcome Home!

    Hello all! With Spring 2017 starting in just a few days, we’d like to take a minute to catch you all up on what’s

    Why W&M: Academics and Resources

    William & Mary offers a rich liberal arts education that allows tremendous potential for academic development and growth. Over 100 majors and minors are offered

    Supporting Your Passions

    One of the most amazing aspects about the students at William & Mary is their vast range of passions. It’s one of the reasons I

    Oh, the People You Will Meet

    As the month of April rolls on, many spring time changes will occur. Flowers will begin to bloom. Tour groups full of prospective students

    What’s New in the Peer Advising World?

    While classes are starting to wind down with just over a month left of school for the spring 2016 semester, the campus is starting

    Words of Wisdom from your Peer Advisors

    As Peer Advisors, it’s our job to help incoming students prepare for and adjust to academic life at William & Mary. All new students will

    Our Ampersandbox: Then & Now

    Well, we’ve finished up another awesome year at William & Mary! Last Friday I headed home, and despite the unseasonably warm weather which made it