A Letter to New Students

By Catherine Grossman ’24

Hello there, and welcome to the Tribe!

My name is Catherine Grossman (be aware, you will probably meet many Catherines at W&M), and I am a rising junior. I study mainly philosophy and psychology. I play ultimate frisbee on Cypress and sing with my Intonas (Intonations acapella.) If you have questions about club sports or other clubs/acapella more specifically, I am happy to talk! I joined both in my freshman year because I have always loved music and sports. The environment of both is one of community, compassion, and hard work.

I think that whatever you find yourself doing at W&M, make sure to try at least one activity you have never done before, take a class on something you have been interested in but couldn’t take in high school, and explore what the campus has to offer. Take some classes through the Rec; they are led by great teachers and some are hosted at the beautiful amphitheatre. I hope to teach yoga my senior year after completing the 200-hour training. If you are interested in teaching and physical/mental health, getting involved at the Rec is a great idea.

In general, I am not someone that has it all figured out, but I know there are things I am passionate about. Some people at W&M are extremely ambitious and know for the most part what they want to do. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds as you. Philosophy was something I became interested in during my senior year of high school and is something I now enjoy studying. One thing I would say is to not be afraid to ask your professors for advice if you’re unsure about the future. Now is a time for exploration and starting anew! Good luck and feel free to reach out to me.

ig: @catherineg_11
email: cegrossman@wm.edu

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