Springtime at Lake Matoaka

Despite my crazy allergies, spring is my favorite season, and it’s definitely worth braving the pollen to explore every inch of our insanely beautiful

Decisions, Decisions – 2015 Regular Decisions Released

We Admit It!  The time has arrived.  Decisions have been made and emails have been launched.  Decisions for those who applied Regular Decision for

Decisions, Decisions – #wm2019 (aka 2015 Regular Decision Admit Edition)

We Admit It!  We are so psyched to welcome all of you to the Tribe and the Class of 2019.  You are so incredibly

Decisions, Decisions – 2015 Regular Decision Waitlist Edition

Admit It!  You were hoping to see better news in your inbox.  We Admit It!  We wish we could send more good news.  William

Decisions, Decisions – 2015 Regular Decision Deny Edition

We Admit It!  This is the part of our job we like the least; sending bad news to bright, talented applicants like you.  You

One of the Best Days of My Life

Waiting for William & Mary Early Decisions to come out in the fall of 2012 was one of the most difficult things I have

Things I Love: Tradition and a Beautiful Campus

Being on the campus of William & Mary, I am constantly surrounded by things that I love, and while I can think of a

My Favorite Things: W&M People and Professors

Of all the wonderful aspects of William & Mary, the people and professors are what make the institution truly special. Always just an email

Keep Calm and Wait On

I won’t sugarcoat it—waiting is hard, and it feels like forever. Though let me tell you something else, William & Mary is 100% worth the