Welcome to the Tribe

Congratulations and welcome to William & Mary! We know the wait wasn’t easy, but it’s finally over and your hard work definitely paid off.  Our

Advice for My Old Transfer Self

Going to college for the first time is tough, but eventually you find your way. Transferring to a new school is obviously difficult, too,

Decisions, Decisions — Fall 2015 Transfer Edition

Admit It!  You have been anxiously awaiting this moment since you clicked submit.  And now, we Admit It!  The time has come.  Transfer decisions

Over the Hills and Far Away: The Earth Structure & Dynamics Field Trip 2015

The Earth Structure & Dynamics class field trip is a springtime ritual; last weekend we headed over the hills and far away.  At our

Beginnings & Ends

As I near the end of my junior year here at W&M, I’ve started to become very nostalgic. Good friends will be leaving me

Overheard in Transfer Committee – The Academic Turn Around

We Admit It!  It’s time to turn our attention to transfers.  We know you’ve been patiently waiting, and the time has finally arrived.  We

Dinwiddie 3rd

Freshman year is a year that I will absolutely never forget. Before the first day of Orientation, I was a little worried about living

The Transfer Card

When you’re already in a routine studying at another four-year institution, deciding to transfer is a very personal decision that can take a lot

The Freshman Dorm Experience

Sure, moving across the country was a little scary. Being that far away from all of my friends and family made me nervous. The