It’s Time for Overheard in Committee

We Admit It! Committee is off and rolling.  We’ve reviewed some great applications, had some wonderfully thoughtful discussions and eaten our way through some

Authentic engagement and undergraduate research

Working side-by-side with residents of Chaguite, Nicaragua and Esfuerzo, Dominican Republic, W&M students are trying to understand how communities can improve health and access

Going Low, W&M’s Keck Lab Measures Its Lowest Temperature Ever

The eastern half of the United States is gripped by intense cold, and William & Mary’s campus is wrapped in snow and ice. Earlier

Committee Time is Coming

We Admit It! We’ve hit the Committee stage once again. That means the end is so close but yet so far away. Committee is not for

Hint of Masochism with A Drop of Insanity

Honestly, you’ve got to be some kind of crazy to go to William & Mary. You have to be the person who lives for

Parts & The Whole

The other day, as I browsed through student blogs from colleges around the country, I noticed that, at some point, they all feature one

One Giant Leap for Admission Kind

We Admit It!  We think maybe we can make out a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  And that’s because we have

What Comes Next

When I submitted my enrollment deposit to William & Mary in 2011, the notion of graduating college seemed impossibly foreign. I assumed that twenty-two

Day 10 of 10: The Power of a Teacher

January 12, 2015: Our Last Lecture “I know one thing I won’t miss—the Vornado. It’s like you’re walking and walking and still not there.” Today