TribeGym Freshies

Hey Guys!

This past week hasn’t been filled with a whole lot of actual gymnastics, but that is only because it was MOVE-IN DAY on Friday! After the long drives from Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana all of us freshies are so excited to finally be unpacked, moved-in, and most importantly a part of the TRIBE!

Since some of us are just meeting each other in person for the first time, it is great to finally all be together! The sophomore girls all greeted us on our first day, the whole team surprised us with an outing, and even Tim stopped by to say “hey.”

Everyone is definitely excited, and for us freshmen, a little anxious to start classes. Luckily a few us of have them together! I personally cannot wait to start practice with my new Tribe team; I’m sure everyone else will agree! Now that everyone is back in the Burg, a great year is on its way for TribeGym!

One Tribe. One Family.

-Brandy Stover

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