Summer is here!

Kristin MilardoIt’s hard to believe another year has flown by and summer is already here! Watching everyone go their separate ways for summer was so weird and seeing the seniors go was so hard! We are all relieved to be done with the semester and most of us are finally back home! Since the conclusion of classes I have done lots of traveling! I spent two days in North Carolina with Molly where we went and cheered on the baseball team as they took on NC State – in the rain. Despite the downpour we had an awe some time!

I also was in Towson, Maryland for my boyfriend’s last ever baseball games with the Tribe. I also got to go to my first Orioles game at Camden Yards with a bunch of friends. BaseballBoth the ballpark and the city were breathtaking! Following a weekend in Baltimore, I spent three days in Virginia Beach. It was so relaxing and the weather was amazing. Such a great way to begin the summer – with friends and a trip to the beach! Tomorrow the traveling continues as I will leave for Pennsylvania and then back home to Colorado shortly after that! 

The rest of the Tribe has also been doing a great deal of traveling as well. Lindsey just came back from my hometown, Colorado Springs, Colo., for her brother’s Air Force Graduation! BeachKatie also spent some time in North Carolina visiting her grandmother. Katie, Lindsey, and Jess are now back in W illiamsburg for the beginning of summer classes today!

Lastly, we wish Allie the best in her recovery from getting her wisdom teeth out!

Can’t wait to check in and blog again, but that’s all for now!

One Tribe. One Family. 

Kristin Milardo

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