Introducing Assistant Coach Tim Rivera

Dina McNaughtonIt’s Official! Tribe Gymnastics has hired a new assistant coach. Tim Rivera will be joining the Tribe in the fall. We are all so excited to meet and welcome the new addition to our team!

As the summer continues, Tribe gymnasts are enjoying the nice weather while still finding time to hit the gym on weekdays. A few girls went on beach trips this past weekend, while others visited family, went to baseball games, or enjoyed playing tennis.

Having just found out their room assignments, the freshmen are all excited to be moving into school in less than a month. They have been training hard in the gym to upgrade their skills from last season and work on new conditioning that will help them transition onto the team in the fall.

As for the upperclassmen, we have all been in the gym maintaining our skills and staying in shape for next season. Cream has spent this week focusing on beam and working to improve her form on her flight series. Taryn has been working hard to upgrade her dismount on bars for the upcoming season. Morgan has just got home from working Woodward Gymnastics camp and continues to come back from previous injuries.

We all want to wish Allie Marko a happy 18th birthday this week!!

** Alumni ** Please send in old team pictures you may have, as we are trying to start a Tribe Gymnastics alumni photo album. Thank you!

Dina McNaughton

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