Waiting Game: Things to do while waiting for the decision

Even though it has been almost one year and a half since I sent out my application to William & Mary, I can still sense the great excitement and anxiety following the click of “submit” button. I would want you to know that now you have accomplished the most challenging part: filling out the application and writing essays. It is a great time for you to stop thinking about William & Mary (at least for few days) and getting excited for what is happening in your life now and what’s the next. Here below is a list of things you may consider doing at the moment:

  • make sure you are focusing on the schoolwork at your current institution
  • start your career planning early
  • do a service trip or volunteer at a local organization
  • connect with your peers and do something fun together
  • make a holiday shopping list
  • Write thank you notes to people who have helped you
  • visit a pet store and play with animals
  • listen to a new genre of music
  • watch a random movie of which you’ve never heard
  • listen to your favorite songs
  • watch some puppy videos
  • enjoy time with family

At the end, take a deep breath. You have already come so far and you will do great for sure! I wish you the best luck with the application and hope to see you on campus soon!

-Alfred Ouyang ’18

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