The Gang’s All Here

This is a big week for the William and Mary Admission office. As of yesterday the office is now full of summer interns.  We have been training for the last three days and I am learning a ton of information.  So far the career center, IT, study abroad and a bunch of other departments.  It is great learning so much more about the school.  It’s funny because I am known to have one of the longer tours, and now my knowledge is doubling.  Pretty much my tours will now last like 3 days.

Now most of them are spending hours putting links to everyones other personal pages, I will just tell you that if you go to their pages you can find them.  We are planning lots of fun adventures, which you can find on Katies pages, and we are looking forward to the Annual kickball game against the dean staff… we will win!  Other than that, all is well in the Summer intern world.

We are all sitting around a table and I am excited for the rest of the summer.  Not only do we spend time talking about Tila Tequilla, listening to music from our high school days, or learning how to blog.  Whether you hear Marquis talking about his Simpson donuts or Wendy trying to calm us down, this summer is cound to be full of fun adventures.

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