The Unbearable Dread of the Application Process

I am reminded as I near the end of my graduate school application process of my transfer application to William & Mary. My writing quirk prevented me from being able to complete my application until the night before. No, this is not procrastination as one might think, but I simply cannot articulate what I want. Though I guess what I submitted to William & Mary must have done the trick. James Monroe Statue in Front of Tucker Hall

As you complete the process, ‘think why William & Mary?’ I wrote about walking the brick paths on the Sunken Garden and an old William & Mary sweatshirt that had bacon grease across the logo. Even today, brick paths are an integral piece of this campus to me, and well, that sweatshirt is still worn. 

Whatever you submit, make sure it represents all of you. The deans want to know if you worked full-time during your studies, or helped care for a family member – at William & Mary, we know academia is not all a person is so be authentic and as holistic as you can!

Less then a month until applications are due. Please reach out if you have any questions! The interns are always looking to help.

Sammi Slusher ’19

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