Meet the Tribe Transfers – Megan Stumpf

Megan Stumpf

Hello! My name is Megan – nice to meet you!

I am one of the transfer interns at William & Mary this year. A little bit about me, I am a senior Marketing major and Anthropology minor here at W&M. I am from Chicago, Illinois, and transferred in last fall from a 4-year University in the Mid-west. On campus, I am involved in several organizations, including a social fraternity, the Student Market Association, Alma Mater Productions, and I also work as an Orientation Aid.

I decided to transfer around October of my sophomore year in 2016, as I wanted to find a smaller school with a stronger academic focus. I decided to transfer specifically to William & Mary because they as an institution offer the best of both worlds, not only academically, but also socially. William & Mary offers a diverse liberal arts curriculum while also providing a focused business program and massive research opportunities. Culturally, they provide a tight-knit community feel, while also providing an excess amount of social organizations and groups to get involved in.

I think ultimately it was that community aspect that made me want to go to school here. Regardless of how different each individual is on this campus, everyone is uniquely interesting. We all have a strong passion not only for the work we do, but also in our desire to give back to the Tribe. There is not anyone on this campus I wouldn’t be willing to grab a coffee or have a conversation with. They really say, “One Tribe, One Family” for a reason!

Honestly, I was very hesitant to transfer universities, but ever since arriving on campus my first day I’ve felt like I’m home. So, my advice to you is, take the leap! I promise coming to William & Mary is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!

Want to hear more about my transfer experience. I’ll be posting more blogs every week. So, stay tuned!

Until next time,
Megan Stumpf ’19

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