The Ying Yang Twins & Girl Talk – What more could you want?

When I received my letter thanking me for my application but informing me I wouldn’t be coming to William and Mary in the fall, I was devastated. I knew that this was the place for me, yet the paper I held in my hands didn’t seem to agree. I went to a large state university for my freshman year and worked hard enough that I was able to transfer to William and Mary in 2006. How could I be expected to keep away from a school that was steeped in history yet was bringing the hottest mash-up DJ (Girltalk) to campus? A place with a low student teacher ratio but a high number of a’cappella groups? Where you can find three-hundred-year-old buildings and state-of-the-art laboratories? A college that hosts thought-provoking speakers and 90s-themed dance parties? A school where you could create your own major or your own ice cream sundae at the Caf? Although I am technically a senior, I plan to stay another year here and continue taking in all that William & Mary has to offer.

You too will have an incredible amount of opportunities here, from taking an interesting class on emerging biological diseases, to being able to take part in undergraduate research as a freshman, to meeting the Ying Yang Twins because you are helping set up their concert sponsored by AMP. There really is no limit on what you can get involved with at William & Mary.

The best part? You can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the endless tours, information sessions and difficulty remembering which campus had what buildings is over. You are finished with trying to fit yourself into 500 words. You have been accepted to a school that has more to do and more to learn than I could possibly tell you. You should be proud of yourself and what you have accomplished thus far and know you can look forward to four awesome years here.

– Mary Bonney ’10

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