Meet The Transfer Interns – Sammi Slusher

Sammi Slusher

Hi, all!

My route to transferring to William & Mary began at the beginning of my college career. As I attended a community college in Northern Virginia, the question was not if I would transfer, but where I would transfer to. I was interested in this lovely little school for various of reasons – I knew of William & Mary because of my interest in history, I visited because of its academic rigor in regards to what I wanted to study, and I stayed because of the community I was invited to join. My name is Sammi Slusher, and I am a senior at William & Mary.

Now that I am finished with dramatics, perhaps this is the perfect time to introduce myself. During my time at the university, I have had the opportunity to work with Colonial Williamsburg through the NIAHD program, joined both a music and social sorority, and work on staff for the James Blair Historical Review, and most recently a transfer intern and tour guide at undergraduate admission. I am a double major in art history and history (a great duo, I swear ) and since I will be graduating at the end of the spring semester, I’ll clue the masses in on my hopeful future – grad school to study art and curatorial studies.

While this stands as just an introduction, I’ll be back in the not so distant future to offer bits and pieces of my knowledge to help future transfer students on the ins and outs of William & Mary life – it may not be all-encompassing, but it sure will be a ride.

Thanks for tuning in.

Until next time,
Sammi Slusher ’19

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