Seventy and spring in February?

It’s February 24 and the weather app on my iPhone says 77 degrees as the high for the day. What, it’s 77 degrees in February? Well, it’s not uncommon really – not for here, anyway. Williamsburg, VA has some of the wackiest weather patterns that I’ve ever seen. Growing up in Virginia Beach, which is just an hour south of here, has helped prepare me for the constant changes in weather. Checking the temperature for the day has become a necessary part of my daily morning routine. It’s not uncommon that you might be wearing your fur jacket, mittens, and long-johns one day, and be wearing shorts, tanks, and tanning lotion the very next day. I’ll admit, the weather can be a little frustrating sometimes, and it always keeps me guessing, but it’s always refreshing playing a game of Frisbee on Jamestown field, lying out on Jamestown or Virginia Beach, or even having a snowball fight in the Sunken Gardens on snow days. So, plan for all types of weather when packing! I’d venture to say that William and Mary students probably pack more clothing than students at other schools do because of the constant, unpredictable changes in weather. Our average fall extends pretty late, and winters are typically fairly short. Spring usually comes pretty early, accompanied by the fever of summer, finishing classes, and graduation! Get pumped for Williamsburg weather!


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