Making Your Way Through the Transfer Process

Hi Everyone! Hoping you decide that William & Mary is your choice of transfer school, but regardless, the transfer process can seem overwhelming at times. You’re going to want to make sure that your transition to your new school is smooth and painless. A problem that you could potentially run into is being overwhelmed. As you get to your new school, you may feel like you need to get involved in every club and load up on classes to keep yourself busy as a transfer. I am here to tell you that this is NOT what you want to do!

You don’t want to join a million clubs right from the start. Speaking from experience, I am not a part of over five clubs that I originally signed up for due to my schedule! When I came to school, I signed up for every club I thought I would be remotely interested in, with no regard for my schedule. As it turned out, I really didn’t even up having time for most of my clubs with my class schedule (partially due to bad planning on that end as well). Heres what I recommend for a good first-semester lifestyle at your new school, and something to build off of!

First, your classes. As a transfer, you probably have some relative idea of what you want your major to be. Your first semester at your new school, unless you need more, I would recommend a good average class schedule of four courses. This will hopefully keep you busy in the library but also allow time for extracurriculars!

As a transfer, you will have access to over 450 clubs at William & Mary! That can seem overwhelming so my recommendation is to stick to the quick three: Something familiar, Something weird, and something you would never do. This helps create a diverse, yet fun schedule! Most of the week, you will always have something exciting to look forward to!

So, to sum up, as you enter your new school, you want to make sure that your class schedule and extracurriculars balance one another out and that you don’t stress out…too much! I hope this helps as you get closer to beginning your transfer process wherever you go. Go Tribe and till next week!

-Leo Blumberg-Woll

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