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Last year, my favorite weekend of the fall was Homecoming Weekend. After the first couple months were over, I was really excited to have a weekend filled with school spirit and football. Homecoming happens just as the leaves start to change and everything feels more like fall, which is my favorite time of year. I was especially excited for the football game because it was my first time going to a William & Mary game and the new stadium had just been finished. The immense amounts of school spirit seen from both the alumni and the current students assured me that I had chosen the right school. There was green and gold everywhere as everyone cheered on our football team in the brand new Zable Stadium.

I also got to talk to some alumni from my sorority, which was really awesome. The William & Mary alumni network is so strong, making times like homecoming great for getting to know people who have graduated and talk to them about what being an alum from a school as great as W&M is like. I met people who work in DC, New York, San Francisco, and many other places. All of them had the same love for the Tribe and had also gone on to do great things in their careers. It was definitely one of the times where I was able to think and realize that I had made the right decision to transfer.

I am getting ready for homecoming this year, planning a cookout at my house for the alumni from my sorority, and also getting ready to see all my friends who graduated last year. It’s a great weekend to see the school at its finest, and feel assured that you have found a home.


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