Home is all the little moments

Some people realize William & Mary is their home right away, but for others it takes some time. Though I loved the university since day one, I still wasn’t sure if I could call it my home. By the end of first semester though, W&M did, in fact, become my home away from home. I would like to say I had this one moment of realization like many others have, but for me it sort of snuck up on me. So many little things came together to make William & Mary my home.

Those little things included late night study sessions that involved more laughing than studying, going to feed the ducks at the Crim Dell, and walking out of the library at one in the morning completely exhausted, smiling with a friend. All of these small moments made me realize I was surrounded by people like me. I no longer felt that I would be judged, but accepted for the quirks that make me who I am.

Being at William & Mary has taught me many things, one of the most important is that it’s not always a big moment. The little things are just as important, and something they add up together to mean more than one big event can. I would not change any of the little moments good or bad, because those things made my experience here and help to make this place home.

-Rebecca Hill ’17

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