Springtime on the Terrace

IMG_9930The rain is gone (for the most part), the birds are chirping, and it is finally springtime here at W&M. There are lots of things to love about William & Mary, but I love it most when it’s warm outside. Being from California, sunshine is absolutely my best friend, and when Williamsburg is sunny, it’s stunning. My favorite activity during the spring is sitting outside on the Sadler terrace. As the most central part of campus, the terrace brings all kinds of people together. In thirty minutes out on the terrace I can see people from my Orientation staff, friends from classes, girls in my sorority, and of course, endless tour groups learning all about W&M. Tour guides love to bring groups through the terrace because it serves as a perfect microcosm of the campus: some students are studying hard, others are bursting out in laughter, and some are just sitting, enjoying an iced coffee from The Daily Grind and reading a book. Now that I live off campus, it takes a little extra effort to get over to the terrace, but it’s worth it every time.

Even though the terrace is my favorite spot on campus, pretty much any place on campus is gorgeous in the spring. Williamsburg has quite the way of capturing my heart, and sometimes it’s nice to stroll around campus or into Colonial Williamsburg and just enjoy the weather. Whatever you find yourself doing, I guarantee that it will be beautiful. Snow days are certainly fun, but sunshine is better.

– Katianna Tron

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