Debunking a Transfer Myth: It’s Hard to Get Involved as a Spring Transfer

As a spring transfer, you may come into the process with a lot of different questions than a fall transfer. Specifically, you might be feeling a little anxious about being new to a campus where everyone else has at least a semester under their belt. Will people think it’s weird if I ask them where the library is in January? How will the people in my dorm feel about someone new moving in? Will I be able to get the hang of things in enough time to enjoy the rest of this semester? These and a million more questions ran through my mind on the drive down to school. I entered orientation with a nervous smile, eager to find out what was ahead but a little scared of it at the same time.

I cannot explain how immediately accepting, open, and helpful everyone on this campus was, and I truly mean everyone. Students, faculty, staff – people were just as excited as I was about my new beginnings here. The best part was realizing all the other spring transfers were going through the same process (and dealing with the same anxious thoughts) that I was. We bonded quickly over this shared experience, and I quickly forgot how nervous I had been. By the time classes had begun, I felt confident knowing my way around thanks to our excellent, fun, and caring orientation aides. And it wasn’t too late to join clubs! Most of them have semesterly sign ups and are always looking for new members. If I did have a question about where I was headed, it was totally normal to ask someone on campus. If I did get a strange look, (which honestly only happened once), I just said, “Oh, I’m a spring transfer,” and I was immediately greeted with a smile and kind directions.

It’s easy to forget that everyone was new here once, so just keep that in mind along with the fact that this caring community simply wants to see you succeed.

– Casey Neary, ’17

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