Happy Valentine’s Day Spring Transfers!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! By now, most, if not all Universities around the country should be back from a lovely winter break. Getting back from the holidays can be a bit of an adjustment, especially for students transferring into William & Mary at the Spring semester. We often get questions/there is often a misconception that beginning school in the spring is a lesser experience than the fall. I am here to say that that is just an urban legend. Transferring in the spring is just the same as the fall (minus the weather). Coming in as a new student regardless of what semester, each student still gets to participate in a week-long orientation period to get acclimated into the school. The only difference being a slightly smaller group of new students in the spring semester, but all the traditions remain consistent.

Secondly, many also tend to be concerned about their social life moving in during the mid-academic year. Well, rest assured, the majority of organizations on campus recruit or have dual semester sign-ups during the spring semester, many actually waiting until spring to have any sign-ups at all. So any activity, be that intramural sports, fraternities or sororities, honors societies, a cappella groups, etc. you will have an opportunity to join.

Finally, many are nervous about housing in spring semester. For the most part there is actually a surplus of on-campus housing available in the spring semester, as many students study abroad in the spring.

So overall, regardless if its academics, social life, or living accommodations, being a spring semester transfer at William & Mary allows you to have all the same opportunities and amenities as everybody else on campus.

Until next time,
Megan Stumpf ’19

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