The End? I Think Not

kickball2I’m sure you’ve all been wondering about the outcome of the kickball game last Wednesday,  so I’ll start by letting you know that the interns made a valiant, glorious effort but ultimately lost the game against the deans.  I know, unfortunate right?  I have to admit though that win or lose, we had such a good time gearing up for the game and trying our best to kick the ball as far back in the sunken garden as possible.  Some amazing photographs resulted from the game including our intimidating walk across the garden, some nice action shots, and an intern pyramid.

kickball3After the epic game, all of the interns and deans went straight to the Green Leafe.  There were about 25 of us, and I’m sure we smelled awful.  We had such a good time ordering dinner and having drinks, celebrating the amazing summer that we’ve all had together.

The reason I wasn’t able to blog about this on Friday was that I was with the kickball1three other UCAB Directors planning our Executive Board Retreat that happened this past weekend.  Each year, the executive board goes away for a weekend to have a chance to bond, set goals, work as a team, and really prepare for the upcoming year.  We drove up to northern Virginia to pick people up and then continued on to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  We stayed at a really nice retreat center where we had discussions about new UCAB initiatives such as being more sustainable.  We went white water rafting, which was a lot of fun.  My favorite part was standing under a waterfall when we got back on land (even though the water was FREEZING).

kickball4I’m back at work today only to be out of the office again for the rest of this week.  I’m going to Las Vegas (!!) for Theta Delta Chi’s National Convention.  I can’t wait to meet other Theta Delts from across the country and prepare myself for another semester as President of my fraternity. Many brothers have been working on some great projects the summer, and I’m confident that our Charge will have an amazing year.

When I return next Monday for my last week as a summer intern, I’ll be the “floater”, which means I’ll be doing interviews every day.  I’ll try to get in a blog entry here and there, but this could be my last entry of the summer. Don’t worry.  I will definitely be continuing to blog throughout the school year.  I’ve grown quite fond of making these entries, and I’m sure that I’ll have A LOT to say once my last year at the College begins.

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