Show your Tribe Pride: Homecoming 2010

It’s that time of year again! Full of cider, scarves, and changing leaves. Fall is really in the air. With it comes one of the most outstanding college traditions: a weekend jam-packed with events, returning alumni, and football – HOMECOMING!

I started off Homecoming Weekend by going to see some friends in the William and Mary Choir at the annual Sunset Memorial in front of the Wren Building. Led by President Reveley, the memorial was a time for students and alumni to remember and honor those who have passed in the last year. As the Wren’s bell tolled overhead, I sat there and really realized how many men and women there have been here before me and the legacy that they have put in place for future generations. I thought how one day my name too would be read aloud and remembered by the thousands of new students at the College. The whole ceremony was very moving and put into perspective the history, tradition, and community of William and Mary.

After the ceremony, I went with my hall to the homecoming pep rally on Yates field. There was a massive bonfire and tons of cheering when the Stairwells, a cappella group, sang for us. A group of us even got to participate in a Tribe Holi event where we threw green and yellow powder all over each other. It was surprisingly fun, throwing colored Holi powder on all of your friends, even though the powder somewhat smelled funny and took forever to come off. Oh well- that’s definitely not what mattered.

On game day, my alarm went off at 6:10 in the morning. I’d say it was new record for getting up by far. My roommate and I are interns in AMP, the event programming group on campus, and it had its own float in the Homecoming Parade! After walking like zombies through campus, grabbing some fabulous coffee at Aroma’s, and getting sufficiently lost on our way to the meeting spot, we gathered and set up our float for the parade. I had way too much fun waving and cheering as the floats made their down DoG street and Richmond Road, but it was great to see all the alumni, families, and students that came out to show their support.

After the parade, it was time for the real party to begin. The football game started at noon, so we rushed over to Zable Stadium and plopped on down in the Tribal Fever Student Zone where all the serious cheering happens. After getting off to a slow start, William and Mary came back and beat Delaware 17-16 with an amazing touchdown at the end of the second half. The game was incredible and intense the last 10 minutes; the entire stadium was so anxious to see what would happen. During the game, I even got to go with a group of my friends to The Gentlemen’s a cappella showcase in Sadler. Their voices were amazing, and the members were joined by the alumni for the final song.

There are thousands of men and women from all over the world that are part of William and Mary’s community. Homecoming is a time for all of these Tribe members to gather together again to support our teams and clubs, as well as the rich tradition that makes our school unique. Seeing all of the returning alums here for the weekend made me realize that being a member of the Tribe does not last for only the four years living on campus, but instead it lasts for a lifetime.

Homecoming is all about showing love for W&M and getting involved, no matter what you choose to do with your friends here on campus. It is a memorable experience that will make you feel truly like a part of the community. So, put down your books, and show your Tribe Pride!

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