Homecoming 2009

Homecoming is always a big deal on the William and Mary campus, but this year it was even more exciting than usual because we played JMU (James Madison University). JMU is a huge William and Mary rival–almost as huge as UVA, but we already beat them in football this season. The best part about JMU coming to W&M was, first, because JMU is a Virginia school, many of their students, staff, and alum came for the game making the game a large event on both the home side and away side. Second, a lot of the in-state students at W&M knew people coming to the game, making for a much more festive day. Homecoming is one of the best events in the fall at W&M. Personally, I enjoy it because it allows current students to reconnect with the alumni who come to visit. I am surprised each year by the numbers of returning alum. They love coming back and spending time at the College, and visiting their old hang out locations such as the Cheese Shop, Wawa, and the Green Leafe. Many of the student organizations also throw alumni banquets or brunches in honor of the alum and to welcome them back during Homecoming weekend.

With a 12 PM ¬†kickoff time, the day began some time around 8AM with the floats making their debut at the parade. Family, student, and alumni tailgates were also taking place all around campus. The game was obviously not a disappointment. WE WON…GO TRIBE!! For many W&M students the day did not end there. This year, AMP (Alma Mater Productions), W&Ms student activities group, brought in Robert Randolph and the Family Band as this year’s entertainment for Homecoming. The band performed in our on campus amphitheater. All students were admitted to the concert free of charge. Overall, Homecoming was an absolute success this year. I know I wish it hadn’t ended.

Cassandra Albert

Class of 2011

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