Lunch by Liz- Where to Eat in Williamsburg

I love to eat. If I could receive a minor in eating out I would. Many tours ask me the best places to eat around town. Here are my personal recommendations:

– The Blue Talon: I love going here with my parents. The restaurant is located by Colonial Williamsburg. They are known for comfort food with a French twist. They have A-MA-ZING salads, macaroni and cheese, and the burger is to die for. The inside of the restaurant is just as wonderful as the food.

– Plaza Azteca: My friends and I go here probably once a week. If you did not guess by the name, Plaza Azteca is a Mexican restaurant off Richmond Road. They make guacamole right by your table and the food portions are gigantic. This place is very casual and the food comes fast and hot.

– Le Yaca: This may be my family’s favorite restaurant in Williamsburg. This is an upscale French restaurant, where the owners often come around and make sure you are happy with your meal. Le Yaca has a much more intimate setting and is a great place for special occasions—think graduation. There is a stone fireplace right as you walk in and the attention to detail is outstanding. Love this!

– College Delly: If you’re an alum of William and Mary you may be surprised by this choice. The College Delly has recently been completely revamped from their menu to their décor. Every time I go here (which is debatably too often), my friends and I get the Saganaki Flambé. This appetizer is basically a Greek cheese that is brought to you in a shallow dish, oil is poured over it and then lit on fire. What is better than hot, melty cheese with pita bread? They also have great sandwiches, pizza and so much more. This place is great for a casual quick meal.

– Nawaab: Any William and Mary student can probably write you a novel about this Indian restaurant. My favorite part is their all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. Their chicken dishes, fresh veggies and Naan bread are outstanding. If you come to Williamsburg and like Indian food this restaurant is a must.

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