Nom Noms

As a college student, there is nothing better than free food. Whether it be give-aways or free samples, we can never get enough (when Chipotle offered free burritos opening day, we stood in line for over three hours to get one). So in this post I would like to give a shout out to Professor Clay Clemens, who is officially the Chancellor of the Government Department and an alumnus of the College.

Professor Clemens has had our group of twelve senior interviewers over to his house for not one, but two barbecues this summer. He is a master chef who makes scrumdidlyumptious burgers! He always also has delicious appetizers such as endless chips and salsa, guacamole (which goes great on burgers, by the way), hummus, and cheese with crackers (basically we are full even before we eat real dinner). Professor Clemens is always sure to end the meal with something to satisfy the sweet tooth such as cookies or ice cream sandwiches.

So here’s to you Professor Clemens (we raise our glass), thanks for all you do for William and Mary and its students. We really do appreciate you!

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