How Netflix is Ruining My Life

8.99 a month for one DVD out at a time and unlimited Instant Viewing capabilities. Seriously, life cannot get much better than that.

Without homework to do every evening, I finally have the opportunity to catch up on all the shows and movies that I wasn’t able to watch throughout the school year. I’ve been watching all the 30 Rock episodes that I couldn’t keep up with, I finally saw The Hurt Locker after all the Academy Award buzz, and quite frankly my queue is filled with a ton of the classics which I never got a chance to see before. Hello Jerry Maguire; hello Philadelphia; hello The Godfather Part II (Part III unfortunately did not make the cut).

And all those books on my summer reading list? Well goodbye The Sun Also Rises; goodbye Three Cups of Tea; goodbye all those witty Malcolm Gladwell books which I keep saying I’ll read.  I’ve got Netflix now, and even if my DVD hasn’t arrived yet, I have loads of choices I can access instantly, so I never have to pick up a book again!

And along with reading, who needs social interaction? Because that has gone right out the door too. If I’m serious about getting through every season of 30 Rock so I can finally start Season 1 of Mad Men, then neglecting to hang out with friends is a necessary sacrifice. Seriously, Netflix is sweet.

As you can see, Netflix is great but it seriously has the potential to ruin my life. This summer, living in Williamsburg, it seems like my biggest challenge will be fighting the urge to be antisocial and tear through my queue, so I actually do hang out with everyone who is in the area. From years past, I hear people talk about how the “summer crew” gets really close, and although Netflix is doing everything it can to prevent that bonding from happening, I’m excited to get to know new people and build new friendships as senior year fast approaches.

I have only one year left at this incredible institution, so I’m going to take advantage of every moment as best I can. Sorry Netflix – that means you’re taking the backseat on this one (well, after I finish Season 3 of Friday Night Lights – no need for such bold statements just yet).

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