Time flies…seriously

Dear readers,

It has been four long weeks since I have written…probably longer, but I haven’t checked the date of my last post, so let’s go with four weeks, shall we? Anywho. Today was my very last rehearsal for my show that heads up to D.C. tomorrow and opens on Friday. Can you believe it? This Friday at around 11 p.m. I will officially be able to say that I have joined the ranks of the professional theatre world. Granted the pay isn’t very good, the hours and rehearsals are rough, but the people and experiences are amazing. I can honestly say that I have never been more proud to be a part of the cast I’m a part of, more humbled than to work with the incredible director and professor Laurie Wolf, and never more excited to open a show. The rehearsal process was quick, intense, and pretty emotional. While the show deals with some difficult topics, I think that it is a socially important topic and deals with some very real issues. So, if you are in the D.C. area feel free to check it out! Just head to www.capfringe.com, and search for “Santa’s Helper.”

Other than my rehearsal for my show, I have to totally admit that Williamsburg in the summer is WAY too much fun. Coming from Chicago I was expecting heat stroke and mosquitos that I could hitch rides on, but boy was I wrong. Okay, so I’ve gotten the occasional mosquito bite, but I have also had the time of my life. It seems like every other night there have been members of my cast, members of the Virginia Shakespeare Festival, and some other summer residents who come in and out for big potluck meals, movie nights, board game nights, and just general hang outs. I’ve gone to the beach more times than I can name, complete with floaties bought from Walmart to enhance our river experience. Last night Brian Focarino and I watched the movie “Shutter Island,” on Jamestown field. Nothing like a hot night and a REALLY scary movie to put you in a good mood. And what would this blog post be without a mention of the INCREDIBLE fireworks on the fourth of July? Truly. They were absolutely spectacular. I totally love this town in the summer and will be sad to have to move onto D.C. tomorrow. Well, sad and excited. One journey is ending and another one is beginning. Next time I write, I will officially be a professional actress!

So, see you in D.C. readers. I’ll be sure to keep you updated as my cast takes the nations capital by storm with our powerful little show.

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