Economy of Love

I believe in an economy of love, where every action that you make touches on a chord that will play for eternity. I believe if you serve the song of your heart, the world will listen. History, time and space prove that relationships are the foundation of our world and our lives, and constitute our reality. Without relationships this economy of love would not function. Supplying the economy’s demand for love is simple, and it starts with the most basic resource: you.

Your thoughts, your mind and your ability to interact with others in a way that perpetuates goodness and kindness are the necessary elements that contribute to the creation of a stable economy of love for us all to feed off and grow. There is this commercial I saw recently about a man who holds a door open for an elderly woman, minutes later a young girl who witnesses the interaction sees a piece of trash on the ground and throws it in the garbage, a new mother sees the young girl throw away the trash as she is driving by in her car and just seconds after stops to let a couple walk across the street. This goes on for about two minutes until it comes full circle back to the man who originally held the door for the elderly woman. This is the economy of love. The act of doing something greater than yourself for another because you believe in something bigger than you.

Operating from this place is selfless and not always easy. It requires you to act in the present moment and set yourself aside. But the reality of it is, we all take from and give to this economy of love. In this economy, there is no such thing as diminishing marginal returns, because the more that you give, the more you receive. The more that you participate and give of yourself and your love, the stronger the economy.  The demand is high, but the potential to meet that demand is also great. And, it’s simple. All that’s required is a smile, a touch, a kind word, a sweet gesture or loving thought.

The truth about this economy of love is that it exists wherever you are and your participation is involuntary. Harsh comments, snide remarks and rude gestures tear apart the fabric of the economy and make it unstable. But on the contrary, acts of love and kindness perpetuate the cycle and stabilize it so that we all can succeed. Imagine what the world would look like if we all operated selflessly in this economy, if our drive was not self-indulgent or based on monetary value, if we contributed with no expectation of return and humbly gave of ourselves. Just imagine …

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