Spring Break in D.C.

With spring break approaching, I was feeling a little disappointed about my  break plans.  I wasn’t getting away to some tropical location for warm weather and sun on the beaches.  I wasn’t heading up to the mountains for a chance to ski and some fresh mountain air.  No, this spring break I was simply headed home for some rest and relaxation.  While this might not be the most exciting or unique plan for spring break, I was looking forward to some resting time and seeing some of my friends from home.  But one remarkable trip that I made over spring break was visiting some of the Smithsonian Museums in Washington D.C.

Over break, my friend and I decided that we would take a tourist day and visit the major sites and museums in Washington D.C.  Living all my life within 20 minutes of D.C. makes you forget that it’s the nation’s capital.  So I ventured a trip to see all that it has to offer.   The first stop made was at the Museum of Natural History, one of my favorite museums in D.C.  I remember going there tons of times as a kid because of all the animals and cool exhibits they have there.  And I can tell you that it never gets old.  I still am in awe of the giant dinosaur skeleton that stands all the way up to the ceiling.  I have to constantly remind myself that the animals in the museum aren’t actually real.  After that, we walked down the block to the Museum of American History, which was newly renovated and only opened a couple of months ago.  It’s so great to have so many accessible, free museums so close to my house that I can just visit them on a relaxed day trip.  When we were done exploring some of nation’s history, my friend and I headed over to the National Gallery of Art.  Very cultured.  They had this great new exhibit there about paintings of Rome and other cities in Italy.  They were so beautiful and it really makes me want to visit there now.  Study abroad, maybe?  Filled to the brim with artistic inspiration, it was now time to satiate another need; hunger.  A great lunch was in store. After filling up on burgers and fries, we caught the next Metro train home.  After this exhausting day in Washington, D.C. there was nothing I wanted then to crash in my bed and take a nap.  I think it was a pretty successful adventure.

– David Mendler ’11

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