On the Run…

Being a good student at William and Mary often means that you will have many days of non-stop movement. Wake up, throw on clothes with 10 minutes to get to class, grab a pop tart, run to class and wish that it was slightly warmer outside (in the winter), trip on a risen brick, plan out when you will get work done in between classes/work/research/organizations/internships, sit in class thinking “if only I could have slept another 10 minutes or so, feel gross for having eaten several pop tarts during the week, etc. My two years here have felt like a never ending marathon, even during the last semester of my senior year where I thought my work load would have been a little lighter. Now, I know not everyone at William and Mary has as much of a crazy life as I do, but I would like to think that a good majority of the Tribe are over-achievers too. I have always taken my work and my goals above and beyond what is expected of me, and considering the prestige of William and Mary, I think I am not alone. This lifestyle is rough, thrilling, and sometimes stomach-wrenching. It is one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life and I love it! I just wish I did not eat a pop tart this morning.

Point of advice: You will have many more days without nausea if you train yourself to not snooze the alarm. Get up a few extra minutes early to eat a healthy and sustaining breakfast. It is worth losing those extra 10 minutes of sleep because the stomach ache from the pop tart makes it really hard to pay attention in class.

P.S. I am in class now! :-p

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