Ok, Its Been Awhile!

So I know its been a little bit since my last blog entry.  In an attempt to prove that I haven’t been slacking off, I’ll take this as an opportunity to explain how quickly you can get wrapped up in the excitement and activities of William and Mary – the the point that you might neglect your blogging!  This summer has been a whirlwind of meeting new people and prospective students through the busy information sessions, campus tours, and numerous admission interviews.  Luckily for me, I really love getting to meet people from all over Virginia, the U.S. and sometimes students and families traveling across oceans to visit us!  What this means though is that I often find myself getting lost in the business of this office!  This is not something exclusive to the summer, but so many times throughout the year students find themselves wrapped up in the academics and extracurricular activities at this college.  I refer to it as being caught up in “the William and Mary Bubble” – but it’s not a bad place to be!

As an intern in the admissions office I often get asked what there is to do around this town.  My answer is always: there is so much to do on and off campus that the the questions always is “what events do I have to miss because I can’t do it all”.  Whether there are concerts on campus, guest speakers, planned campus formals, comedians, dance productions, or one of the many great theatrical productions there are always things going on on this campus.  The weekends are when the college comes alive – we are by no means a school that empties out on the weekends!  On top of all the things going on on campus, there are lots of options to get off campus and enjoy some free time.  We have a bunch of great outlets just down the road as well as a great amusement park, Busch Gardens a few exits away.  Busch Gardens hosts a student day every fall where they discount tickets to a really cheap price for W&M students and opens the park to us all day.  We also have several shopping centers near our campus with grocery stores and many other retail shops as well as a new development with a movie theater and restaurants.  Basically, it’s impossible to get bored at this school!

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