Seminar Update!

Well the plans are underway! We have hammered out a long list of potential topics, divvied up who will do what, and now we are hitting the streets to publicize and find speakers. I hit a little bit of a snag in my plans when I found out that two of my seminar topic ideas are already addressed through programs in the career center, but after a little re-arranging, I think we have gotten everything sorted out. On Monday, I have a meeting scheduled with a member of the Alumni Association to discuss how they might be able to help in the process. From what we have discussed so far via e-mail and phone conversations, it sounds like the Alumni Association is 100% on board for helping me with this undertaking. I am SO excited about how enthused people seem to be about my idea!!

The main things I need to focus on now are finding a speaker for the first session, finalizing which topic I want to have on that day, and publicizing! It seems like there is so much to do and the start of the school year is rushing up on me! As soon as I know for sure which topic will be the covered the first week, I am ready to start publicizing. Twice a week, an e-mail goes out to all the students advertizing different things that are happening around campus. I plan to use that e-mail, posters around campus, and hopefully some resources through the alumni association to really get the ball rolling. My goal for the first session is to have about 25-30 people show up. If I get more interest than that I might try to up the size of the sessions a little bit, but I want to keep them as small and intimate as possible. That’s about all the update I have for now, but I’ll have more soon once I’ve met with my faculty advisor and the alumni association so check back!

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