Ode to New England

Amazing fall foliage, sweet and sticky apple picking, pumpkin patches, snowy beaches, sleigh rides down main street, cross country skiing before the plows get on the roads, honeysuckle, sea salted summers, fresh apple crisp, crossing state boundaries, train whistles in the night, soft pattering of snow, thunderstorms and currents of rain, vegetable gardens, fields of crocus, fresh cut grass, DIY home projects, knitted blankets, water color paintings, crocheted table cloths, Victorian towers, window seat benches, stone mansions, garden cottages, evening strolls, concerts in the park, town carnivals, barbeques at the beach, local auto-shows, fresh lobster, veggie stand, lunch on the water, sailboats, lighthouses, breeze at night, clotheslines, telephone wires, ski lodges, maple syrup, modern art galleries and antique shops, clam chowder, parades, clam bake, picnics and ice cream shops.

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