Under Pressure

The end of April is always crunch time. It’s when the entire academic year begins to dwindle down, and everyone is either running around like frenzied chickens, or frolicking like nymphs in the Sunken Garden.

I’m more of the frenzied chicken type.

Professor Schoenberger

I write this post in the middle of my English 468 Screenwriting class, instructed by the fabulous Professor Nancy Schoenberger.  We’re in the midst of work shopping everyone’s second act, which is kind of a stressful time; we only have two more class periods together—one of which is our allotted exam period—and we still have to plough through our third acts.  Writing a screenplay sounds easier than the actual process (watch Spike Jonze’s Adaptation), but it helps immensely to have the affable Professor Schoenberger balance the writing worry.

I’m also in the midst of preparing the launch of Rocket, the magazine I’m spearheading.  It’s the College’s first fashion based publication, solely focused on visual aesthetic.  And while I won’t continue to discuss the project, because even that makes me anxious, I will leave you with the promotion video below:

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