Oh the places you’ll go

So I am a pretty big homebody.  I love excitement and adventure, but more often than not I am happily hanging out in my dorm room with a friend (and with a single in Jamestown, it’s even easier to stay in). As much as I love being “home,” there are a few other places you will likely find me on campus:

The Women’s Studies Tree house: Technically this is Morton Room 320, the WMST Seminar room, but as I discovered half way through last semester, this place is really a tree house. One sunny day my class decided to raise the usually closed blinds in the room only to discover that the big window opens out into a tree. Morton may get picked on as one of the less attractive buildings on campus, but what other location allows you to open a window and be able to pick off a leaf (if only it were an apple tree). This semester half of my classes are in the tree house, and I’m always asking the professors to let us open the blinds and enjoy the view.

Andrew’s Lobby: Fall of freshmen year I had Oral Communications on the second floor of Andrews, the art building on campus. Walking through the lobby of Andrews always cheered me up on the way to class. My favorite is definitely the burlap installation — the floor was literally festooned with tiny balls of burlap. I love walking through the space on my way to PBK just so I can see what creative project the students are working on.

The Comfy Couch: If you keep up with my posts at all you will quickly learn that I proudly live a “Sharpe Lifestyle.” (Sharpe is the Community Partnership program on campus). A key piece of my Sharpe experience is time on the comfy couch. The couch, located in Monica’s (the Sharpe Director) office, is a popular spot for lots of Sharpies. Some days I am down there to run a program question by Monica, some days I want a place to eat, and some days I need a safe spot for a nap. No matter the occasion, the comfy couch is always there for me to flop down on and grab a pillow.

The Tucker Bench: I’m not much of an outdoor person, but living on a college campus has made me appreciate being outside so much more. My favorite spot on campus is most definitely the wooden bench in front of Tucker Hall. The bench and I first got acquainted on Admitted Student’s Day when I came over with a high-school friend and we sat there for a few minutes just watching the campus, soon to be mine, moving around us. Since that day I often come to the Tucker bench when I want to be reminded of how amazing my campus is. There are students coming out of classes, heading to the Marketplace for lunch, or pulling out a Frisbee for some fun on the Sunken Garden, and the bench lets me observe all of them. There is even a pretty amazing picture of me dressed as Anne of Green Gables happily reading on the bench from last Halloween. If you ever need a place to rest and consider how lucky you are to be at such an amazing college, I can’t recommend anywhere better than the Tucker bench.

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